Xiaolong Li


I am a Ph.D. student in computer engineering at Virginia Tech, advised by Prof. A. Lynn Abbott, with research focused on deep 3D representations learning for dynamic scene understanding. I’m interested in AR/VR, Embodied AI, robotics.

I gained my bachelor degree in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, leading the team on algorithms development and system integration for drone control at the Mechanical Innovational Base(MIB) in Qiming College.

During the summer 2019, I am lucky to work with Prof. Shuran Song(Columbia University), Dr. He Wang(now Peking University), Dr. Li Yi (Google Research, now Tsinghua University), and Johnny Chung Lee(Google Brain Robotics) as a student ML researcher in Google Brain Robotics, Mountain View; in 2020 spring, I did a research internship on 3D perception in MERL, mentored by Prof. Siheng Chen(now Shanghai Jiaotong University), Dr. Alan Sullivan(MERL); in 2021 summer, I worked with Dr. Ishani Chakraborty(Hololens), Dr. Yale Song(MSR), Dr. Bugra Tekin(Hololens) in a research internship. I have also worked with Prof. Yunhui Zhu(VT 3D Optics Group) on X-ray phase imaging.


Sep 28, 2021 My first submission to NeurIPS 2021 accepted, check paper here!
May 17, 2021 Starting my research internship in Hololens, Microsoft
Sep 21, 2020 Our method ranked 3rd on SemanticKitti Multi-sweep Semantic Segmentation Challenge!
Mar 13, 2020 One paper accepted to CVPR 2020 as Oral presentation!
Jan 4, 2020 Starting my research internship in MERL on Autonomous Driving, mentored by Siheng Chen
Jun 7, 2019 Student ML Researcher in Google Brain Robotics, mentored by Shuran Song


PhD Student
Aug. 2016-present

Bachelor Degree
Aug. 2012- June 2016


Research Intern
Summer 2021

Research Intern
Spring 2020

Student Researcher
Summer 2019

Research Intern
Summer 2018


  1. Li, Xiaolong, Weng, Yijia, Yi, Li, Guibas, Leonidas, Abbott, A Lynn, Song, Shuran, and Wang, He
    Leveraging SE (3) Equivariance for Self-Supervised Category-Level Object Pose Estimation
    NeurIPS 2021
  2. Li, Xiaolong, Wang, He, Yi, Li, Guibas, Leonidas J, Abbott, A Lynn, and Song, Shuran
    Category-Level Articulated Object Pose Estimation
    CVPR 2020
    Oral Presentation(5.1%)
  3. Porwal, Prasanna, Pachade, Samiksha, Kokare, Manesh, Deshmukh, Girish .., Li, Xiaolong, and others,
    Idrid: Diabetic retinopathy–segmentation and grading challenge
    Medical image analysis 2020
  4. Wu, Ziling, Li, Xiaolong, and Zhu, Yunhui
    Texture orientation-resolving imaging with structure illumination
    In Computational Imaging II 2017
  5. Chen, Muhao, Gong, Chen, Li, Xiaolong, and Yu, Zongxin
    Research on solving Traveling Salesman Problem based on virtual instrument technology and genetic-annealing algorithms
    In 2015 Chinese Automation Congress (CAC) 2015


I am a reviewer in JEI, TIP, ICCV 2021, ICLR 2022, CVPR 2022.